Dream Cruise

Penny was a hard-working, conscientious lady who lived on her own. Her dream in life was to go on an ocean cruise around the world. So she scrimped and saved until she had enough money to go on her cruise.


She had her own room with a balcony facing the ocean. She loved the sea breeze, the sun on her face and the occasional pod of dolphins that swam beside the ship.

She was meeting people from all over the world at the dining table and felt all her saving for the trip was worth it.

Penny took long strolls on deck after dinner while waiting to see the gorgeous sunsets.

Suddenly the heel of her left shoe snapped off and set her unbalanced which the bobbing of the ship enhanced sending her off the side of the ship and into the cold water. She had been thrown overboard.

A cry for help was answered within five minutes but when they pulled her aboard, she was already dead.

Getting her ready for a sea burial they found in her belongings, her will, where she stated she wanted to be cremated and placed in an urn for her parents’ fireplace mantel. Her wishes were then followed by the cruise staff, which just goes to show you that a Penny saved is a Penny urned.

Bill and Bob

Two sea monsters were swimming around in the ocean looking for something to do. They came up underneath a ship that was hauling potatoes.


Bob, the first sea monster, swam under the ship and tipped it over and ate everything on the ship.

A little while later they came upon another ship also hauling potatoes. Bob again capsized the ship and ate it all.

The third ship they found was also hauling potatoes, so once again Bob tipped it over and ate the entire thing.

Finally his buddy, Bill, asked him, “Why do you keep tipping over ships full of potatoes and eating everything on board?”

Bob replied ” I just can’t help myself once I start. Everyone knows that you can’t just eat one potato ship.”