Appearance Not so Valid



“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


“My heart is locked away in a cage surrounded by ribs. That’s to protect it, and to keep the world safe. It’s currently serving a life sentence.” ~ Jarod Kintz


President of the Czech Republic Encourages Taking up Arms to Protect Themselves

While still in France, I have been hearing much talk about the confusion between helping refugees and also not helping them. Seems most of these refugees want alot out of the kindness of people and it is getting hard for country men and women to continue helping them. These people who left their own country might really be considered cowards, many say, leaving their own country behind and not defending it. Now they want daily handouts for free. Is this a natural or predetermined action?

So when these transients do not get their free feed, they act out like terrorists? Who knows? Or are these people really behind a purpose? Or are these people being manipulated for a darker agenda?

The European Union required that all nations give up their right to bare arms and leave all the guns to any armies. But the problems that came out of that are huge and the armiesmay not always be there for their people.

Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, tells citizens to arm themselves in order to defend against terrorism.

Quote: “In the wake of all the recent terrorist attacks, Czech President Milos Zeman reportedly  told his constituents that they should arm themselves for what he called a potential “super-Holocaust” carried out by Muslim invaders. He wants to make sure that people are able to defend themselves until help arrives. Shortly after he said this, the Czech government decided to show their support by proposing a law allowing citizens to fight back against terrorists using their own guns. They will vote on it later in the summer. If other countries did this, terrorist attacks would not be as widely devastating.

Earlier this week, for instance, knife-wielding terrorists killed seven people and injured countless others. Since the UK already has extremely strict gun laws, the pedestrians were largely helpless. To protect themselves, the best that some could do was throw bottles and chairs at the attackers. However, if any of the pedestrians had a gun, they could have easily stopped the attackers from hurting others.

And a week before the London bridge attack, terrorists invaded Marawi, a small city in the Philippines. Since the civilians were largely unarmed, the jihadists were able to break into jails and release captured extremists, steal guns and government vehicles, set fire to buildings, and kidnap helpless people. Undeniably, if the citizens were armed, the situation would have likely turned out much differently.”

It is becoming harder to travel these days.

~ Rus


Dig Out that Seed and See if it is Growing!

sproutIf you have planted seeds before, you know that when a seed sprouts it has very tender roots and if you dig it out to see them, you probably will break off some of the beginnings of this plant.

Now know I am not a President Trump supporter, I did not vote for him. Yet I wonder if people let him alone enough to makes his own roots in the oval office if perhaps we will see the best from him.

Media has to bash his every move and keep North Americans polarised, that is just what they do.

So I want to chime in on his movement to dump the USA involvement with the Paris Accord on Climate Change.

No one really got to read that Accord, did you?? The whole written agreement? President Trump did.


What did he see that he did not like for our country? An overburden on the USA that costs in ways we do not need to pay, is how it appears to be summed up.

Remember he is dumping the ole systems of control and manipulation through what appears to be good for people.

As a business CEO, now of the USA, he is working to revive our country with a different perspective than the previous lawyers that held this office. Can we give him some space to do this work?

So many north americans know how deeply corrupt and dishonest our government has been in the past, passing bills and laws that favor the rich and powerful. The Paris Accord is one such document, that does not benefit North America.

enviroment consciousness

We can still work on our Atmosphere and Enviroment together, we know what needs to be done. We do not need some law that binds us to paying out money to those who do not really care about climate change. This is what the Paris Accord is. It is an effort to bully money away from hard-working USA citizens for reasons we are never told.

Now it is also obvious that President Trump is clueless about the environment and sustainability practices, and that is where the citizens need due diligence. Know he had a certain background in which he probably never once went camping in our excellent public parks and knows only the insides of high dollar hotel rooms. This is where “we the people” must assist this administration to keep in mind the need for sustainability, even with or without climate changes.

Climates change, every so many decades, as it is the natural cycles of earth. Humanities heaviest burden of Earth is that of ignorance of these cycles and how to work with Earth to continue to supply us with our needs.


Replanting what we take, maintaining the quality of water and oceans, taking the time to recycle what we have and using only what we need helps to preserve resources for the future.

Take out 1000 forest trees and plant 3000 more, will keep the supply healthy. Any business knows not to ‘run out’ of the basic materials for their livelihood. So it is with Earth and the way nature works.

This is something that must be taught to every generation! When I see whole townships living with large garbage dumps, scurrying around the piles of stench like rats, I wonder where their parents were and why did they not get any teachings about health, and preserving cleanliness. There is a missing link there.

plastic boat

Convenience seems to overrule common sense, that when you drink out of 30 plastic bottles a month there is a creation of garbage. Where does that go?

No one thinks about it. Drink and toss. {Or make a boat!!??!!}

Now multiply that  times every piece of garbage any one household has and we have trash to the likes the world has never seen. Back 100 years ago this was not a problem!

This is NOT a government problem, but a problem on every community, township and city level. If our Earth is heating up due to mankind’s creations of cars and industry, there are ways to change it enough to harmonize with Earth.

But world-wide agreements and accords never insure the commitments of their people, just to superficial laws that few enforce those who seem out-of-bounds. It takes so much more than that.

Most of the public schools in the USA teach about recycling and basic environmental issues. We are moving in the right direction.

community work

Many schools also have community gardens for teaching and supplementing the cafeteria food.

Most children know not to pull up a plant to look at its roots as it will most likely die. Yet here we have someone who was voted and won to be our President and now all people are pushed to do it to remove him, before he can get good and necessary things done. How crazy is that?

dandilion roots

Can we apply this logic to our new president? Can we give him some room to really do the work he envisioned?

Yes, he is uncommon to this office and makes it hard for people to understand that to change things for the better, he needs to be uncommon.

“We the People” need to supplement and supply the “balance” of his work through our own communities.

It is time WE work out our concerns without running to daddy and whining helplessly.

We must model what we wish to see in our country, rather than keep bitching loudly. The cacophony of discord is not productive, and keeps many people focused on blaming some one for things they COULD do their own self.

Dump the Paris Accord on Climate Change and keep our President Trump rooted in his office so he can trim back the governmental spending so USA can be strong again.

USA Congress Infected with Deadly Impeachmentitis Virus

usa pressses

How many presidents have we had who were shouted at to leave the office for their choices, or face  impeachment?  Impeachmentitis Virus is what I read somewhere and it is infectious.

At least since 1990, all presidents heard the call for their impeachment; this virus enters in to rooms of Congress and spins around.  So now how many people are infected and focusing on impeachment rather than their job?

This virus has infected this Congress, which then places our tax dollars going to work in jeopardy. When the focus of Congress man and women turn to retaliation and spite, you know the virus is now deeply imbedded.


Instead of focusing on an excellent health bill reform, citizens get crap, a fast concoction of liquid ass-ests that favor the health insurance industry profit margin alone. Fast shit.

Instead of rethinking how to deal with our joined boarders with Mexico, we get some half back modern version of the Berlin wall.

Remember that the Berlin wall came down and so it was a waste of money in the long run and really it ruined so many lives, divided those who were unified. My friends in Texas say their state is filled with 40% Mexican and part Mexican people and so it would be like Germany all over again.

Oh and guess what, this money is coming from the chopping up of Medicaid and other social programs that get cut. So when you are sick, perhaps go kiss this new wall.

fast lane

This is the outcome of FAST.

Fast everything.

You wait in line at a store behind one person for about two minutes and already the clerk must say how sorry she is for your wait. Huh? Those two minutes were good for me as I looked again to see if I got all I came for. What is the hurry?

Want it Now is insanity.  The Itlatian Cream Cake made from scratch is baked at a certain rate for perfection. Microwave cakes are no match for the slow baked version.

How can congress really put together a Health Care Revision in just a few months? They cannot and that is why the one they made is so rejected. It will be a horror for most people if it passed. All rates will go up even more. Even with Obamacare they boasted no insurance rates would go up that they would go down, but the second year they all went up more and gave less coverage. The salami slicing is in full force.

Father Checking Son's Forehead for Fever ca. 2003

This new fast-lane bill specifies that the older you get the higher your premium will be. It is under the idea that youth are healthy and elderly are very sick so they need to pay the bigger premiums. Health insurance companies need to make big profits off of sick people so the money must come from somewhere.

If you are elderly, you might need to just check out early as you will never afford any care under this bill as it hikes up costs for elderly at over 800%.

In a conversation I heard man in France suggest that perhaps he should go to the USA and open a Morphine Elder Care Retreat, where they check in to check out; slowly increasing the morphine so they do not know they die early. Or perhaps the USA government is looking to the movie Logans Run for inspiration.

poor middle class

Another twisted part of the fast-lane health bill is that they forgot that most USA citizens have little to no retirement savings, so they will not be buying health insurance at all. They will be lucky to eat.

Through the years, large corporations cashed in their workers retirement programs stealing people’s ability to live without a job when they get older. Now people are bitter and they are not making as much money either, due to the economy.

Our new president touted that the economy would be an easy fix for him, but I guess he never said ‘when’ he would get around to it. He is too busy with trying to pass fast-lane crap, swatting tweets, and cutting the government back to a manageable size.

The cutting of government staff and offices is essential and yet it may be why this virus broke out in the first place. It is not about Russia.

The fact that he talks to Russia could really be good thing, diplomacy. We should not be at odds with that large country. The media are trying to beat an old ‘cold-war drum’ that already is rotten and decayed. The millennials were not really there, and do not know or care about that history. It may be time to truly just work the peace angle instead.(?)

Our new president has been in office not even a half of a year and already the virus is popping up everywhere. The cacophony of uncooperative voices just shows that Congress is infected; thus our whole country suffers. Even our once funny comedians, like Bill Maher, has lost all humor as he suffers greatly with this virus. He is painful to watch as are so many of our elected.

Instead of steering this new president with wisdom, knowledge and research so that more informed views and outcomes might be created, the head pounding repetition of past mis-takes are now the only thing an infected person can do. He did this, he did that, cough, puke.

~ Rus

Rythym of my Walk

brit trees

I post sporadically as I am in constant movement, traveling and enjoying the nowness of the views. Sometimes I am in a city with electrical connections, and other times I am forlorn without, amongst the sentinel trees and the buzzing of bees. Both are very delightful. ~ Rus

Miniscule or Monumental?


“A complete stranger has the capacity to alter the life of another irrevocably. This domino effect has the capacity to change the course of an entire world. That is what life is; a chain reaction of individuals colliding with others and influencing their lives without realizing it. A decision that seems miniscule to you, may be monumental to the fate of the world.” ~ J.D. Stroube

Directional Twist


“Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark.” ~ Bryce Courtenay

My Epiphany


“I was in the biggest breakdown of my life when I stopped crying long enough to let the words of my epiphany really sink in.

That whore, karma, had finally made her way around, and had just bitch-slapped me right across the face.

The realization only made me cry harder.” ~ Jennifer Salaiz