Enigmatical Persuasion intends to present many points of view on the diversity of life through living. In a moment of passion there is a tendency, a habit, to take on the simple points of view, the passed-around opinions, and those held dear. Those held tightly areĀ  what can hold life in polarity and opposition.


Polarity suggests that only one side is right. Of course, everyone wants to be right!

Both sides believe they have the right view and the right to enforce it. What about the middle points, the subtle points, the cases of unique experiences, do they have a reason for existing?

After considering more evidence, one might see more in to a situation that brings out the feast and juicy progress.

Yet it is never that clear; observing continues, patterns recognized and choices are made. Outcomes happen, more opinions are made and new choices chosen. Life is progressive.

Enigmatical Persuasion endeavours to capture life’s strange dichotomies through the writing of many authors, artists, musician, and thinkers. Hopefully, a more panoramic view derived from looking at all sides helps harmonic formations.

Just like the cycles of night and day are in harmony as all life forms respond to their dance; there are many seemingly opposites which are in fact harmonious once understood.


Yet, even in muddy water the frog rules. There are fixtures within each anomaly that answer many questions, if one digs deeper. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to understand.

Sometimes the answers are in the details during the exact moment of experience. The small points, the side lines, are of special importance and can help an open mind choose. Observing while experiencing provides deep insights and pathways that reacting does not.

Yet seeing is not always believing, that research and introspection assists one to place pieces to puzzles in observable forms. Reading the works of others can gather the other points of view which form a wholeness.

Is that not what scientist work towards, why artists paint, and musicians write songs about? The intriguing everyday twists of situations can make life very different from what is accepted as the norm. Some call it growth. Some call it hidden.

Some deny any other evidence to their small viewpoints and dismiss it as conspiracy theories, forgetting that ‘theory’ implies that evidence was found and further research is being done for further analyze.

Theories are ongoing investigations. All science is theory in motion. All philosophy is the elaborate reconstruction of words, theories, in ways that present ideas about how life works or could work. Art and music present issues from emotional and intellectual points of view through their many projects, in order to create emotional reactions, a change of heart or information to the contrary. Is it complex or simple? Is it ethically enhancing life? Is there something that brings a more fruitful outcome? Ah…. the complexity/simplicity of life.

Here we wish to inform, excite, shock, and take apart anything that is in our world of experiences. Why not?

~ Rusmir Radic