Sexual Revolution 2017-18

These last few years have just opened the door to the subject of “SEX”. With all the gender issues, and open conversations, it sparks a time that all people now must shift.

Time Magazine Covers the Silence Breakers

All humans are sexual. They are born with some kind of gender that is marked by the genitals. Of course, there are rare cases where people are born with mix up, doubles or even nothing.

My friend Boudin has been talking my head off about the Gender Choice. Leave it to the folks in California to try to say that gender is a choice. Guess that is what comes of all that marijuana, he says. But his point is how our birth gender is not a choice. Not to list   gender on the birth certificate is forgery and may have concequences later. Who cares. No one looks at your birth certificate. Be who you want, what makes you happy.

To teach very young children they can decide is an abomination. How confusing can that be for a young mind and one that probably has no idea about fornication; a child will look at the physical evidence and wonder why they must choose.

Just look between your legs, that is what you are.

If you decide to change that through operations, I wonder do they actually have any touch sensations there, can some who has had their penis removed still orgasm?  What happens too all those nerve fibers, and connections under the skin that allow orgasms.

Sex is sex. No matter who you are, no matter how you use your sex, it is still just sex. Sex between who is a choice. Stroke here, lick there, touch this and that; there is a wonderful opportunity to explore sex and expand your sensual feelings.

In our world history, sex meant power over someone. That is what marriage is, a contract that the man owns the woman. Religions have made slaves of women throughout history. Women had less status than someone horse.

The abusive nature of man against woman has turned many women to couple with another woman. They feel safe. The same for men. Yet as I have heard, most gay men really enjoy being with other men. I think that is might be in our nature to really be able to have sex with either gender. The rules put upon us of old, were some kind of Control.

It has been a long road to get here. With all the world-wide communication, we are having a very large conversation. And it is about time.

Yet my conversation is not about the sexual equipment you are packing belowor they way you dress. It is not about what gender role you wish to play or live. It is not about the various ways of sexual activity. It is not about becoming some form of “trans”. All of that are the details of other people’s journeys and their working things out.

All I wish to add to this conversation is that what we all need to use and use daily is:

R E S P E C T.

Respect all people. That covers it.

For it is when people think they can force their idea upon another that becomes the violation, which sometimes escalates in to someone getting hurt or killed.

But now, publicly, we are talking about abusive behaviors. And what is more, people are losing their jobs over bad behavior. Something is happening here!

~ Rus



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