Gifts from a Stranger



As I was traveling through Austria, I had the best of conversations on the train with a man from the West Indies. Terrance said he grew up on the island of St. Lucia. He told me about fishing as a young dude.

He knew my home town and named one of my favorite restaurants right away. He worked as a trade dealer, he called it, connecting different makers with sellers and not having to work too hard. It meant he had to travel all the time and talk to so many  people, which he says is right by him. He loves it.

He wanted to see my work, including this blog and when he saw that my computer had stopped my progress, he said he wanted to give me his computer.


yoga comuter

He then pulled out a memory stick and took his data quickly. I was without words! His lap top looked new, although it was about a year old. It was called  Yoga as it can bend for use like tablets.


Then he handed it over to me. He told me to write boldly and help people feel good with the world. That over time he has seen people get so fearful out of nothing.

I was freaking out inside! Wow!

st christifer metal

I had almost enough money to buy a new one but here is a gift. I thought what could I give him?

I had a Saint Christopher metal on my neck, so I took that off and gave it to him. I told him it kept me safe in my travels and since he travels so much,  it just made sense.

Now although this man had a luscious brown skin, I swear he was blushing. He really was move by my gift. And it was more than the metal, it was like I was saying a pray for his future safety.

He held the metal in his hand and moved it over and over, looking at both sides, and I was looking at all the great software and apps he had installed on this computer gift.

I was nearly in tears. How can a stranger turn you to tears? By being human, being open to conversations, and hearings one’s story but even more than that was that he wanted to help me.

I was concerned about his business with out his laptop and he said he had another one at home. He can use that he said and he will be home within a few days.

There was a moment when we just looked at each other. Terrance was deep within his skin. The silence was sweet feeling.

Two more stops and I had to get off the train. I have Terrance’s computer and his contact information. I thanked him profusely and he in turn thanked me for the metal. With a few steps I was off the train and the train was leaving the station.

Computer in hand, I felt magnificent, as if God had a plan for me! Better yet is I now have someone who I can visit in St. Lucia, if he is there when I go. A computer and a friend, what gifts!

~ Rus





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