President of the Czech Republic Encourages Taking up Arms to Protect Themselves

While still in France, I have been hearing much talk about the confusion between helping refugees and also not helping them. Seems most of these refugees want alot out of the kindness of people and it is getting hard for country men and women to continue helping them. These people who left their own country might really be considered cowards, many say, leaving their own country behind and not defending it. Now they want daily handouts for free. Is this a natural or predetermined action?

So when these transients do not get their free feed, they act out like terrorists? Who knows? Or are these people really behind a purpose? Or are these people being manipulated for a darker agenda?

The European Union required that all nations give up their right to bare arms and leave all the guns to any armies. But the problems that came out of that are huge and the armiesmay not always be there for their people.

Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, tells citizens to arm themselves in order to defend against terrorism.

Quote: “In the wake of all the recent terrorist attacks, Czech President Milos Zeman reportedly  told his constituents that they should arm themselves for what he called a potential “super-Holocaust” carried out by Muslim invaders. He wants to make sure that people are able to defend themselves until help arrives. Shortly after he said this, the Czech government decided to show their support by proposing a law allowing citizens to fight back against terrorists using their own guns. They will vote on it later in the summer. If other countries did this, terrorist attacks would not be as widely devastating.

Earlier this week, for instance, knife-wielding terrorists killed seven people and injured countless others. Since the UK already has extremely strict gun laws, the pedestrians were largely helpless. To protect themselves, the best that some could do was throw bottles and chairs at the attackers. However, if any of the pedestrians had a gun, they could have easily stopped the attackers from hurting others.

And a week before the London bridge attack, terrorists invaded Marawi, a small city in the Philippines. Since the civilians were largely unarmed, the jihadists were able to break into jails and release captured extremists, steal guns and government vehicles, set fire to buildings, and kidnap helpless people. Undeniably, if the citizens were armed, the situation would have likely turned out much differently.”

It is becoming harder to travel these days.

~ Rus


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