USA Congress Infected with Deadly Impeachmentitis Virus

usa pressses

How many presidents have we had who were shouted at to leave the office for their choices, or face  impeachment?  Impeachmentitis Virus is what I read somewhere and it is infectious.

At least since 1990, all presidents heard the call for their impeachment; this virus enters in to rooms of Congress and spins around.  So now how many people are infected and focusing on impeachment rather than their job?

This virus has infected this Congress, which then places our tax dollars going to work in jeopardy. When the focus of Congress man and women turn to retaliation and spite, you know the virus is now deeply imbedded.


Instead of focusing on an excellent health bill reform, citizens get crap, a fast concoction of liquid ass-ests that favor the health insurance industry profit margin alone. Fast shit.

Instead of rethinking how to deal with our joined boarders with Mexico, we get some half back modern version of the Berlin wall.

Remember that the Berlin wall came down and so it was a waste of money in the long run and really it ruined so many lives, divided those who were unified. My friends in Texas say their state is filled with 40% Mexican and part Mexican people and so it would be like Germany all over again.

Oh and guess what, this money is coming from the chopping up of Medicaid and other social programs that get cut. So when you are sick, perhaps go kiss this new wall.

fast lane

This is the outcome of FAST.

Fast everything.

You wait in line at a store behind one person for about two minutes and already the clerk must say how sorry she is for your wait. Huh? Those two minutes were good for me as I looked again to see if I got all I came for. What is the hurry?

Want it Now is insanity.  The Itlatian Cream Cake made from scratch is baked at a certain rate for perfection. Microwave cakes are no match for the slow baked version.

How can congress really put together a Health Care Revision in just a few months? They cannot and that is why the one they made is so rejected. It will be a horror for most people if it passed. All rates will go up even more. Even with Obamacare they boasted no insurance rates would go up that they would go down, but the second year they all went up more and gave less coverage. The salami slicing is in full force.

Father Checking Son's Forehead for Fever ca. 2003

This new fast-lane bill specifies that the older you get the higher your premium will be. It is under the idea that youth are healthy and elderly are very sick so they need to pay the bigger premiums. Health insurance companies need to make big profits off of sick people so the money must come from somewhere.

If you are elderly, you might need to just check out early as you will never afford any care under this bill as it hikes up costs for elderly at over 800%.

In a conversation I heard man in France suggest that perhaps he should go to the USA and open a Morphine Elder Care Retreat, where they check in to check out; slowly increasing the morphine so they do not know they die early. Or perhaps the USA government is looking to the movie Logans Run for inspiration.

poor middle class

Another twisted part of the fast-lane health bill is that they forgot that most USA citizens have little to no retirement savings, so they will not be buying health insurance at all. They will be lucky to eat.

Through the years, large corporations cashed in their workers retirement programs stealing people’s ability to live without a job when they get older. Now people are bitter and they are not making as much money either, due to the economy.

Our new president touted that the economy would be an easy fix for him, but I guess he never said ‘when’ he would get around to it. He is too busy with trying to pass fast-lane crap, swatting tweets, and cutting the government back to a manageable size.

The cutting of government staff and offices is essential and yet it may be why this virus broke out in the first place. It is not about Russia.

The fact that he talks to Russia could really be good thing, diplomacy. We should not be at odds with that large country. The media are trying to beat an old ‘cold-war drum’ that already is rotten and decayed. The millennials were not really there, and do not know or care about that history. It may be time to truly just work the peace angle instead.(?)

Our new president has been in office not even a half of a year and already the virus is popping up everywhere. The cacophony of uncooperative voices just shows that Congress is infected; thus our whole country suffers. Even our once funny comedians, like Bill Maher, has lost all humor as he suffers greatly with this virus. He is painful to watch as are so many of our elected.

Instead of steering this new president with wisdom, knowledge and research so that more informed views and outcomes might be created, the head pounding repetition of past mis-takes are now the only thing an infected person can do. He did this, he did that, cough, puke.

~ Rus

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