Polar Symbiosis


Why does it seem that each generation has the same issues in their face… like gender issues or race issues?

Is it just because we have nothing better to do than disrespect anyone else? Is it part of some conspiracy to marginalize some group?

Do people consciously reject some other ‘group’ as a whole or just as an idea?

In American their law patterns mention ‘innocent until proved guilty’ and yet in practice it is a very hard assumption for most all people. Soon as some social objection comes forth, with no real evidence, a person then suffers the rude comments of all who encounter their ordeal. There is no asking for more information from the person, but so many articles and tweets chastise and pontificate otherwise.

Is it that we really have no lives of our own?

Are people so busy sticking their nose in to others lives, and assuming the worst of other people that they are truly parasites?

What thrill does this give?

What is drawn from the host that makes it so addictive?

It is even symbiotic?

~ Rus

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