Civilised life, you know, is based on a number of illusions in which we all collaborate willingly.

The trouble is we forget after a while that they are illusions, and we are deeply shocked when the reality is torn down around us. ~ J. G. Ballard

See What


“Outside is pure energy and colorless substance.

All of the rest happens through the mechanisms of our senses.

Our eyes see just a small fraction of the light in the world.

It is a trick to make a colored world,

which does not exist outside of human beings “

~ Albert Hofmann

Health Insurance Unaffordability in USA


As the people in USA get to review their latest health insurance endeavour, I wish to interject some points that most people do not consider. THINK DEEP THIS TIME!

First is that Health is our most valuable asset. When we have good health, we are able to do most anything. Once we get sick or break a leg and need time to heal, we limit what we can do.

This is where “Insurance” steps in to make a profit. Health Insurance is just a way to earn money off of gambling on people’s health.

Health Insurance companies make loads of money and support a huge number of people on their payrolls. It is a profitable business and why it stays around longer than the people who are insured.

Health Insurance has promised to help pay off big bills yet dropped so many of the  long-term sick in the past that many just died. Those people had paid their premium on time and yet the companies felt this person was too much of a liability to their profit line that  their health insurance was discontinued.

The ACA was created to stop this vicious murder of sick people through inhumane treatment of people. It was suppose to help people who did not work for large companies to afford or even find health insurance. It boasted it would be affordable, which in time we see it is far from it.

In order to agree to profit juggling through taking on those people they discontinued or would not insure, the Health Insurance industry got together and agreed only if the government made everyone pay in to Health insurance, so they can continue to make profits.

These Health Insurance companies imagined all the young healthy people paying in big dollars to continue their profit garnishing ways.


What they did not factor is that most young people these days cannot make a living off of  wages paid these days. Many still live with their parents or on larger groups of people to share expenses.

Many youth need a car and other start up kinds of things for an adult life that Health Insurance is the least of their worries. Most youth that are making good money do not care about health insurance. If their company does not supply them with it, they do not care.

They know they are really paying monthly for sick people and not for their own health. They SEE the Ponzi scheme. They do not fall for scare tactics that selling insurance relies on.

They also see our undocumented/illegal workers and their families pay hardly anything and get full health services and for some very large families. The youth today is not so gullible.

Rise of the Health Insurance Business

Remember that businesses were bullied in to buying health insurance for their employees many years ago, feeding this beast of insurance. But it also made it harder for small business and entrepreneurs to find any at all. The Health Insurance companies were getting fat off of the business they had, why do anything to help more people.

Back a few decades, Health insurance stock was some of the highest profitable investment, as were pharmaceutical company’s stocks, and so most people in the medical field that could invest had some of their investments in these profitable companies. I am not sure how their stocks look today.

Affordable Care Act

So with Health Insurance companies agreeing to the ACA, the government now had to find a way to get more people to buy insurance plans. Their plan was to require by a law that people now must pay for health insurance or get fined, regardless of their income or ability to pay their heath care bills. To make it affordable the government provided subsidies for low incomes.

The government also figured they would pull out of the subsidy plan slowly over years and encourage people to create health savings plans on their own. That each year they would fix the premium rates higher and higher until the consumer paid the full monthly premium. This part is hardly every talked about. Yet there is evidence when you file your taxes with Turbo Tax  software as they ask about your investing in  a Health Savings Account. It is a subtle process of pulling the $$ rug out from the poor.

Creating a “black mail” payment to IRS if you did not have health insurance; it did make many of the young adults join in, only to find they were paying more than they can afford. Many could not find anything they could afford.

The entire cost of living today is very high and to carve out a payment higher than your car payment (or rent) is just illogical to young people. Many middle class people joined in and enjoy it as it fits their incomes.


How does a business of chance get the government to force people to buy their product?

Fear. Black mail. Lobbyists. Big under-the-table-pay-off, with the profits of the insured. Jacked up prices for health care. Fear.

The ACA was created without much research or thought. They just pieced something together to give you that warm feeling, like urination on the leg.

What opened people’s eyes to join in was when they found that the government would pay subsidies; that is pay for part of their large monthly payments to have insurance. People went for that carrot, not knowing that each year the carrot got smaller.

If you were up to 400% above the poverty line then you could glem something. To the poor, it was a blessing. Yet the present ‘poverty level numbers’ seem a bit low as few people above that demarkation can afford to live these days; as food prices, rents, water and electricity  constantly increase.

Let the Consumer Pay

A single mother of one teenager, was making $19,000 a year. The cheapest health insurance monthly payment she could find was $634. per month.

I am talking about the illusion that people do not think about.

Now the ACA would subsidize this payment and she would only need to pay $60. per month, her share; but what no one considers is that agreeing to high payments means the prices stay high and higher.

That as the government pulls out slowly of the subsidies, the consumer will eventually need to pay it all in full, and at much higher prices; just for those Health Insurance companies to make their profits.

The government is not planning on paying subsidies for long. Was it in just six years? I cannot remember. So hypothetically, this single mom would need to pay the full premium in a few years.

As a struggling single mother, she did the math, $634. times 12 months equals $7,608. per year. Nearly half of this single mom s yearly wages. No way in six years could afford this!

Stop and think before you say “subsidies” and remember that rarely spoken about clause of making the people take on the full payment over time.


We are all “in training” by the Health Insurance companies. They have inserted themselves in our lives, and hold our health in the balance.

The ACA propaganda says that no premium would ever be higher than 10% of a person wages, and yet here it is, about 44% of this womans wages for her premium.

What they are twisting is that the figure of the premium left after subsidies might be 10% or less; not actual premiums. And what they say less of is when the consumer will be REQUIRED to pay for it all in full, regardless. If the government pulls out of the subsidy business tommorrow, the consumer must pay the full price!

This mother I am speaking about could barely pay rent of $850. plus bills, and a $60. a month payment took food out of their mouths. You do not eat, you get sick. A Wicked Twist.

She had to drop health insurance the next year. Yet she paid $160. directly to  doctors for their appointments, for her son and her self; that was affordable she told me. It was the only care they needed that year. But in that they must stay healthy and have no accidents. She was scared and confused.

Consumers Lose, Hospitals Lose, Doctors Lose and Health Insurance wins $$$$

Another women showed me a chart of what the ACA actually paid for. Her daughter had pancreatitis and needed to have her gall bladder removed.


What she discovered over time was that anyone who did not have insurance paid the highest price for all services.

The Health Insurance companies negotiated to reduced fees for many services. Per her chart, it looks like Hospitals and various medical tests did not receive much from the agreements.

A hospital ultrasound test normally cost $1268.50, yet insurance paid only $435.46, and the woman had to pay $262.22. So in all, the hospital receives a total of $697.68.

The ultra-sound was reduced by $570.82 so that the insurance company can make profit$.

But that price is not offered to people paying cash. They have to pay $1268.50.

Hospitals lose money with ACA.

People who pay out-of-pocket pay the highest bill.

Doctors also receive reduced reimbursments as they are in the cross-hairs of Health Insurance companies to give them a reduced rate. Many doctors do not participate in ACA.

Health Insurance Business


Health Insurance is just another business and must pay employees, and stockholders, to run the business of being in the middle of a patient and a doctor. They are not required to hold any medical degree either, just that their employees can run calculators and fill in paperwork.

They are just another business trying to succeed. They rob from the healthy to pay for the sick.

The sad thing is that Health is not just a commodity. Health is serious.

It is not like a car or some cell phone that can be replaced. Once the body is messed up beyond repair, we die.

Health should never be not a “profit” area.

I have always wondered why our Religious Right are not all over this.

And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, “It is written,‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but iyou make it a den of robbers.” Matthew 21:12-13

Is not our Body considered a Temple of our SOUL?

We are not a car with interchangeable parts. We have a body designed by God that works so fine that no one really knows all of HOW it does it! Science just discovered a new organ!

Mothers Make Do

The single mom above had to drop her ACA plan as they kept going up on her monthly payment. She and her son have no insurance. They make too much for welfare systems, so it is all out-of-pocket for them. She makes just 120% above the poverty line, so she cannot even get food or housing help.

She falls in the a hideous gully where no congressman/women really looks or thinks it exists. They live in a state of denial, thus this oversight in part of their way of life.

The second mother whose daughter had surgery, had lost her husband in an airplane crash a few years back. A single mother and sole provider in her family of four. She also had to drop her health insurance.

She invested in a local doctor run clinic where she pays $200. monthly to get all the health care she can get. There is no ‘company’ in the middle. There is no confusing who pays what/when and how.

The clinic gets all the money to work hard on providing people better health. The clinic is proactive on preventative care and requires some education of those moving in to or having chronic diseases. This clinic is able to do it so far. There is no one skimming off the cream as it is blended in to the services of all people who joined.

Hospitals are Poorly Funded

Years ago I was talking to a friend of mine’s father, who had been a Hospital Administrator for many years. He said that hospitals operate in the red all the time; in other words, they cannot pay bills timely. He said many of them were three to six years behind.

Thinking about how Hospitals are the easy target for Health Insurances to require much lower bill from, just made me feel sick inside. They remind me of leeches, sucking the blood off the Hospitals ability to function.

This hospital administrator told me that the Health Insurance companies took a minimum of six months to pay the hospital, and many others even a year or more. This is why you will find some places do not honor certain companies.

On top of that the government, ACA requires certain taxes and fees from Health Insurance companies to be a part of their plan, and so that is passed down to the consumer in the ever higher monthly payments.


Insurance is the act, system, or business of insuring something in consideration of a payment proportionate to the risk involved.

Healthy people are now penalized for being healthy with high premiums to offset the very sick people needs who pay the same premiums through a business that puts margins and percentages on top of everything, in or out.

Supporting the Profit Beast

The real questions everyone needs to ask themselves is;

Do they want to be paying high premiums that support insurance employees wages and stock holders when in reality they have nothing to do with their health?

Does anyone really realize how much supporting this industry is costing our health and how many people have died due to lack of proper health care options?

Do we really need it? Do we really want it?


Could there be a more direct way of supporting great health services to all healthy to very sick people?

People may not be thinking about putting all that money in to their local health care structures directly.

Do the numbers, if 50,000 people in one town pay $800. a month to have health insurance, that is 40,000,000 a month and $480,000,000 a year.

Just an idea I had once, wondering what an island could do with their health care systems if they had no middle man. This one island was struggling to build a much-needed hospital while most of the health care money was leaving the island to health insurance providers living far away. That money only came back for those requiring services. If all that money was redirected to local health care they could build that hospital.

Riding the Bell Curve

Yet due to the cost heights the whole health care system has gone to, maybe my idea of money staying in that island is not enough. Our health care systems is expensive!

People will travel just go to another countries dentists or surgery, and they still save money even with the airline tickets, hotels and such.

In the USA, Health Care pricing is just getting higher and higher, and by very cleaver maneuvers.

Where is the Real Parasite?

Another friend of mine reported to me that he had intestinal parasites. He went to a clinic to get a prescription for a very successful pill that cost about $45. One pill did it all.


He took his prescription to the pharmacy and found it was not the pill he knew about and the script would cost in $2540. for one pill. He said he nearly cried on the spot.

The pharmacist called the doctor and they found another pill for $342. What? Ralph was stressed out and had to sit down he said.

The pill he was looking for was taken off the market for no apparent reason, and it was the most successful of them all.

Ralph went home, wondering how to pay rent, so he researched the internet on the $2540. parasite pill to see how magnificent it was.

There it was in Wikipedia and to his shock this pill costs on the average around $3000. in the USA, but in Africa they pay 7 cents for one pill, the same pill.

The pill itself was not magnificent; it was priced high where people would pay high and priced low for where people could pay low.

I had to listen to Ralph for an hour, vent about this over coffee one day. How he could openly talk about having parasites got me! Most people would not say a word! And yet, he proved to me how Big Pharma is the real parasite.

The doctors resources they go to now on the internet had posted expensive drugs and removed all signs of the affordable drugs. The pharmacist knew and helped her locate something to work. The pharmasist also indicated to Ralph that there was some subversive manuevers about that $45 pill and that only “special” pharmacies had privileges to sell it.

When does all this reach a tipping point? How much more confusing can this get? How pays who to pay who that pays who?

True insurance is taking care or your health every single day.

I have no answers. After writing this I think I need a tall scotch and water! Water makes it healthy, right!

Stay Healthy my friends!

~ Rus


Observing the Sexual Chaos

Walking around  the stores here in Milwaukie, Valentines Day enticements are everywhere. I had to buy some chocolate, for myself.

vday5Roses, chocolate covered strawberries, scented bath oils, colorful balloons fill isles for people to buy for their lovers.

Valentines day has become an open day of expressing love loudly, creatively, subtly, or even kinky.

What baffles me is the way the world treats women. In all this merchandising of products to project love in to any relationship, is it truly love???? Or compliance?

Do you respect your lady? Do you cut her down with unkind words? Do you believe she is just for fornication and the wiping your pubes off the sink? For this is what some men think.


It is always been a real struggle for women, world-wide, in our past ‘his-story’ to be treated right.

For over 22,000 years man-kind(? man-unkind) has treated women less than dogs and horses. Women were considered stupid and only for a small purpose; surely not on all societies.

These ideas/thoughts of ‘womans place” have traveled in the DNA of all people for multitudes of generations. This old script was written in to religious texts and in to restrictive laws. Up until now people just played that gender game. One is master and the other is a slave.


A lovely lady was standing behind me in line, and I looked at her. She pointed to the magazines lined up for us to buy; the one she was wanting me to look at had some barely clothed twenty something and an article title of “Hot Sex”….

She wanted to know what I thought about such ‘disrespect’ for women. She then pointed to the only man on the front cover of the display; pointing to out a very well-dressed man in a respectable pose. It really bothered her. Why not him? Why just women?

This lady may have been in her 60’s so she comes from an older generation. (My generation are accepting of such displays)

I was reminded of what a friend’s mother said the free sex young ladies are having today, and she was about the same age as this lady talking to me. She said in so many words that a woman’s sex was the main bargaining chip for a quality marriage. And that was key in their generation, otherwise women were not taken care of, could not work nor really have much. They HAD to marry in their life to eat.

I really had nothing to say to her, just shrugged my shoulders and gave a side smile, hoping I did not seem approving of the young lady on the cover. But I had to admit, she looked great as I glanced again at the magazine cover.

Freeing Up

While on my drive to my hotel room I thought about how we are trying hard to removed these old age gender bias, even with the trans-sexual biases.

Once we had women covered head to toe so men would not oggle* them, right? Nope, men oggled just differently. Now we have women with next to nothing on, even a string, and still men oggle them.

Men will always oggle!

These days with women wearing tights, and revealing shirts, there is not much left to our imaginations. Both extremes really do not fit. Burkas to near-nudes are just a way we judge women to be so much less than men. Just a vagina.


Today, North American young women tend to wear tight short shorts that fit every curve of their posterior. So mens eyes are drawn in right away to their butt, and that is a statement which appears as the young lady made herself an easy target for lust. She is begging for it. That is exactly what many men think. Why? Because we are ogglers! And women know we are. Make them look!

It is men’s nature to want to be with women and not just for sex. It is part of God’s plan of procreation and continuation of the species and also for deep friendships. It is deep in men and in women.

Most of adult lives revolve overtly or covertly around sex. Sex is God’s creation after all. It is a pleasure unlike anything else. When in balance and respectful, the sensations and orgasms can be magnificent.

Marriage is a grand luxury of having a steady sex partner of which one can experiment and adventure, finding the sweet spots and patterned that take sex way out of the ball park. It can be an art form when each mate is working toward a mutual pleasure.

Women are wired for sex too. Something that men of old pretend is not true. Their belittling opinions of the ‘place for women’ had to keep being altered so that it appeared to fit, oh women just put up with sex, they do not enjoy it;  one of those false ideas that women really do not enjoy sex. Sex in certain disrespectful acts are discouraging.

We now see that was so far from the truth. Both men and women crave a bit more sex than they are probably getting in their adult life. People create different venues to encounter more sex partners, just to feel some satisfaction. People are beginning to free up.

In our every changing social world, the day will come when women do not have to dress like whores and men to not need to take sex enhancement pills to be sexy and finding partners for expression. Right now the tightly clad nearly naked lady and/or the four hour boner man are showing us our sexual issues are way out of balance.

Getting Needs Met

With over 20,000 years of women holding a low position, the world of gay men got very skewed, grew, and many men began having sex with men. Not really a natural balance, yet in times of need, that is what happens. vday8

Today most men in power are men lovers. It is the unbalanced use of power, instead of you scratch my back, well…. Ok.

This has been “breed in to humanity for over 22,000 years. It is part of our unhealthy DNA.

The feminist movement of the early last century pushed many women in to places of power, and higher paying jobs, but it also polarized men against women and visa versa. This extreme feminine view is just the outcropping of those years of suppression. The more a woman has been disrespected the more right-wing fem bot she can become. Taller high heals, slits up to the bush, or crew cut hair and men’s clothing, both are rebellions of sorts.

Many women have sex with women due to male abuses, and also, to get their needs met. When I asked some women dating women “why” that is what they tell me. They were raped and treated like trash. They find sexual comfort in other women. Some women hate man to a scary degree and some men really hate women, goes without saying really.

And what about those cross gender people, men in a womans body and women in a mens body, and the bi ones that do not care and enjoys sex with all. Now they are all over the news demanding their respect as well.

All people, young and old need respect. It is something that would create a more peaceful world.

Yet respect does not mean we have to flaunt our sex preference in the faces of others.This is just the rebellion going on.

Please…. enough showing me your butt. I am not going to sniff, OK!

Reel it in and find a calm place to be sexy and a full person.You are not a “product” on a shelf for people to use. You are a fully unique sexual human being.

Pushing your agenda is so awful. For me is says “I disrespect myself.” 


When one gender is out of balance, so is the other gender. As men moved in power places through the suppression of women, they lost tons.

They lost their grounded sense of being an earthling. They pillage the earth for profits forgetting any sense of conservation.Oh I could say more here, but that is not my point. My point is that people need respect.

Without the balance and respect for that feminine essence that is inside every male soul on earth, men act like 2 year olds grabbing what is mine, mine, mine. This also hold true for rapists.

Without respect for men, women deny their own inner male essence. Women out of balance tend to roll over and show their vagina, just for attention. They show it for power grabs, use it for manipulation, and marry for the ‘other’ reasons.

So it is this chaos of gender issues we swim in today. It is working some issues out through a wide display of acting out.

I wonder often about how this will ever resolve. It is too strange for me  that both men and women to be so accepting of a “womans place”.

Womengive birthto every generation! They nurture and provide in so many ways. Life would not continue if it was not for these goddesses. Yet this male imbalance is all around us by women not even getting health care like men. Vaginas are rarely insured.

There was a time when women ruled with iron fists and men were subjects. This imbalance fed in to the present imbalance.


The extremes are just how the pendulum flows. One day when the fulcrum find a more centered swing, we will find women and men enjoying sex more often and without all the angst and drama.

We will find that respect is the cause of such new balance. It is then that we truly change the world for we will recode our DNA with this new patterns of satisfaction for our future crops, the outcome of some sex! Yes, our kids.

This article is not advocating that same sex is wrong, or that any sex is wrong.

What I am saying here is no one feels they are loved enough.

Most people feel they are not getting their sexual needs met.


Thinking that having sex means love is out of balance. Having sex is having sex.

It is like eating a meal is eating a meal.

Both have a start and finish time.

Love goes on regardless.

Love is respect. Respect of self and of all others. Love is being in awe of the qualities each person holds, in their unique expressions.

This Valentines day, instead of the merchandising angle, just try respect, Create open dialogs as equals, no matter who it is. Say out loud you love someone, and everyone. Be much more free and honest. Tell those you love, that you love them so often they can do nothing more than return silly smiles!

Lets steady this akward swing to the extremes to the more centered, satisfying, and wholesome way of expressing our love, and yes, our sexuality. Have great Valentines sex, people!

Happy Valentines Day!

~ with respect Rus

*Look, admire and have sexual thoughts


Not a Dress Rehearsal

“In a society in which nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else’s mind or by a disembodied mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the truth about the activities of governments and corporations, about the quality or value of products, or about the health of one’s own place and economy.

In such a society, also, our private economies will depend less and less upon the private ownership of real, usable property, and more and more upon property that is institutional and abstract, beyond individual control, such as money, insurance policies, certificates of deposit, stocks, and shares.

And as our private economies become more abstract, the mutual, free helps and pleasures of family and community life will be supplanted by a kind of displaced or placeless citizenship and by commerce with impersonal and self-interested suppliers…


Thus, although we are not slaves in name, and cannot be carried to market and sold as somebody else’s legal chattels, we are free only within narrow limits.

For all our talk about liberation and personal autonomy, there are few choices that we are free to make. What would be the point, for example, if a majority of our people decided to be self-employed?

The great enemy of freedom is the alignment of political power with wealth.

This alignment destroys the commonwealth – that is, the natural wealth of localities and the local economies of household, neighborhood, and community – and so destroys democracy, of which the commonwealth is the foundation and practical means.”

~ Wendell Berry

Christian Rights


“We keep on being told that religion,whatever its imperfections, at least instills morality. On every side, there is conclusive evidence that the contrary is the case and that faith causes people to be more mean, more selfish, and perhaps above all, more stupid.” ~ Christopher Hitchens

Sincerity ~ Tao Te Ching


Speak few words, but say them with quietude and sincerity,
and they will be long lasting,
for a raging wind cannot blow all morning,
nor a sudden rainstorm last throughout the day.

Why is this so?
Because it is the nature of the sky and the earth to be frugal.
Even human beings cannot alter this nature
without suffering the consequences.

When we sincerely follow the ethical path,
we become one with it.
When we become one with the ethical path, it embraces us.

When we completely lose our way, we become one with loss.
When we become one with loss, loss embraces us.

When we sincerely follow the Great Integrity,
we become one with it.
When we are one with the Great Integrity, it embraces us.

But when nothing is done sincerely,
no-thing and no one embraces us.

“The Tao Te Ching, A New Translation”
By Ralph Alan Dale
Verse 23

Immigration Ban Considerations

President Trump placed a ban on immigrants arriving from certain countries, as he told us he would when running. Now the news is filled with all kinds of stories we might not have ever heard before.  Blog deleted…. topsy turvy we go onward!

Update: Ban is reversed! 

My personal opinion revolves around President Trump’s great bias against people and groups of people, like Women, people of other ethnicity than Caucasian, and religious people other than Christianity, so in essence he revolves around a tiny 2% of humanity and so are his concerns. What a very small man indeed.

How can such a man rise to an office that serves a greater people when he only sees 2%?

How do a nation of multi-cultural backgrounds, geneology, religions and expressions just sit back and watch?

~ Rus