To Fake or Not To Fake

So much chatter at the morning coffee with my friends about the “Fake News” pandemic we are having. I am not sure if I should get the vaccination or not.

They are livid as the news is barely news to begin with. Most stories can be told in one sentence Bill keeps repeating. And of course there goes, the 9-11 was fake. And how/who random personalities might also be fake (ie, clone).

Oh, faked elections, fake Russian hacking, and indecisiveness on which of the lesser evils running for president were more fake. The guys were on a roll.


Part of my mind wonders off thinking fake news is nothing new. Most gossip is fake news.

Partial discussions may as well be fake news. Telling your parents you got better grades in school than you did, fake.

We live in a world fully accepting “Fake”.

We now have fake boobs, fake penises, fake hair, fake bank accounts, fake art, lip sync; it is just part of life, is it not?

Some people revel in the fakeness, just for fun!

We have fake butter, fake foods, fake leaders, fake personalities, oh, and just so you know, Hollywood fakes alot!

What about that poker face, fake. Fake it till you make it.

I remember that time my family stopped at a motel for the night, sister and I raced to their large swimming pool. Getting there first I leaped in, damn, this water nearly ice it is so cold!  As I popped my head out of the water, shivering, looking for the closest ladder out, my sweet older sister standing cautiously at the edge asks me if the water was cold. “No, its fine”  was all I could say without my chattering teeth giving it away, Faked! Oh yea she jumped.

~ Rus


Found My Place

via Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

During my life I have moved way too much for anyone. Army brat who had to move every two years with my dad, then after college, my job required me to move to different locations. An expert at packing and having the most portable home goods, I just found home is where my heart is.


My home goods instantly change a strange dwelling in to my home, hanging my hat by the door, and family photos on the wall. The inside becomes naturally familiar, as the outside is now needing to be navigated, learned.

Photo: Home Is Where I Hang My Hat by Barbara White

Out of all the places I have lived, I would choose to live by a river or ocean side. No cities, but sweet small townships with a balance of the diversity of people.

I doubt I will slow down as I age. I am so accustomed to travel and making friends of strangers that the world becomes my home. My place is the world!

~ Rusmir Radic



The limited world and the absolute truth together form the wholeness of life.

Life is indivisible, you cannot fragment it, you cannot divide it. So there is no problem in relating to the limited world.

The crookedness, the violence you see them as they are and you relate to them. You have to not cooperate with the violence, you have to discourage the hatred, the possessiveness, the domination.

You have to encourage the sharing psychology, the attitude of cooperation, the value of friendship.

By your life you do it, by living you do it.

~ Viimala Thakar

Tempting Perfection

“In this temporal existence, perfection is an illusion, regardless of those who believe in its concept. Perfection is devoid of any value.

Perfection, after all, implies you’ve reached the zenith. There is no possibility or potentiality. There is no room for imagination. There is no ability to visualize a concept.

Perfection is limited by its own nature, which in short, is zero.”  ~ Lionel Suggs


Standing Rock Issue Gets Army Backing

What were the odds that the protest at Standing Rock would truly block the passage of an oil pipeline under a lake? But it happened. The Department of the Army will not allow it as planned. (Story)


Yet, as it has been stated, and  a deep focus of this event is the corporate ‘self claimed immunity to laws” of the USA.

The protection of life-giving water is the primary focus. For when water becomes polluted with oil, it kills life. Even small seepage, a slow drip will end life and life forms.

So even as there is a sense of victory, there is also that dread of that corporation ignoring more laws and ruining the water of the land.

This is not over by far. Please pray, voice and share what it going on there. It was the international media awareness that forced the players on the side of the corporation to step back. Perhaps this is the placebo effect, perhaps it is real. But when you are dealing with liars, cheats and law-breakers, you must still stand watch.


Keep this alive for as long as it is needed, through social media, as it is the way the law-abiding people can thwart those who think they are above the law.

This pipeline goes for 1,172 miles,  costing $3.8 billion,  yet the corporation ignores all laws calling for an environmental impact statement of their project, and instead filed for many tiny segment, chopping this long pipeline as thought it was many separate projects. This is how they pretend they have the right to do what they want. But the oil that is intended to flow through it is one long stream of oil, thus one project in need of a real environmental impact statement. That statement would definitely deny the corporation access.

Why did this pass without following the law? Money. Not money itself, but the greed of investors who have money to buy off law enforcement, governors, politicians and by-pass the laws of the land. (I heard even Mr. Trump has invested 2 million dollars to get royalties/profits off of its end product, which is selling oil to China. This needs immediate attention before Trump gets in to the presidency he will vote for his investment. He is a man of money and very little ethics.)

The deeper issue then is “can greed really take life away from anyone, just because they have the money to do it?”

This is a call to stop the rich bastards from pretending they have more rights that others, that they can kill indirectly anyone who they deem as less-than-them.


This is a call for our Earth and the REAL protection of our water resources which is suffering greatly planet wide. This is a call to stand up for what is right and healthy.

It is time to flush the “money trump card down the well of wrongdoing”.

Voice your concerns through social media and all outlets that form a peaceful resolution to this ugly project. It is the people all over the world talking about this who help bring forward those of good consciousness to come and assist in this legal battle. Many thanks to all who have spread the word!

Water is life.

Without clean water, most life forms on earth will die, fast. Only rocks remain in a barren world.

If you do not think so, then you can try going without water in any form for a month and let us know what you then think. (yes, that means all your sodas, teas, wine, beer, soups, most foods….)

A plant without water just dies. 6542-000060

What the most controversial part is that these people pushing for the oil pipeline through rivers and lakes all drink water. Guess they buy the bottled kind so they think that water is just a commodity like a soda. Perhaps they have never been camping where they must drink from a river, nor swam in a lake. Perhaps they never went fishing in their whole life. Maybe they mix all their foods with beer which they think it is water-free.

No one has the right to pollute or jeopardize the purity of water!

Stand together and we will make the difference. We preserve the purity of water for our children.