Stepping in to a New Year

Today it is quite the marvel to read how the present media rage  is working to have Americans agree to a war with Russia. Stirring the pot by evicting their diplomats, sniveling about hacking…. come on now…. is this ridiculous or what?!! The USA government does their own hacking and spies on everyone world-wide of their interest.

Why do ‘they’ really want war? YES< They love to go to war when the USA  economy tanks.


It is their “go-to” practice to keep the public focused angrily towards anyone other than their bad governance.

So will the North American public eat this bowl of jello politics? Congealed shavings of nit-picks. Seems that war can be caused by trivial pursuits.

Guess that is why so many people backed Mr. Trump, as they want our economy and pursiut of happiness to be the real focus of USA government. USA has great talent.

There is no reason why our economy should be frail, but it is.

People are talking everywhere that their children cannot make a living, that too many people are without jobs, that food is so expensive, that rents and mortgages have gone past the reasonable and affordable point, in to the crazy zone.

I keep waiting for their digital stamp to place on all real news and a stamp for fake news. What fun that could be! Yet it shows that those who are illogical in government are panicing.

Moving into 2017 will be interesting; for those very people who think they can manipulate the public through eternity may find themselves no longer being listened to. The alternative people have come to replace the insane.

Mr. Trump is proof that there is another way to construct our collective states towards sustainability, and opt out of undeclared wars.

Wars spend taxpayers money and the governments black market money in unthinkable amounts and leaves the people poor and hungry.  Yet the tales told makes people believe they will come out better if they agree to beating down another country. What a twist of logic.

Would it not be a better investment to do commerce with other countries, and to help other countries become strong economies as well?


As the hippies pointed out, that if the war money was just spent on the states and people, that we would be an amazing country.

Step lightly, choose wisely, for this next year could be our greatest or just plain sad.

Artwork: Peace War Money by Miguel Villalba Sanchez  Elchicotriste

I am not sure why people are saying 2016 was a bad year, seems like there was some admirable changes for the better and for all people.

Guess if you want to promote a war, you got to get people angry and focused on the anything and anyone “bad”. Each story builds in to a feeding frenzy and reactive measures.Mistakes happen.

It is our duty to our own families to keep our focus on what is good and right no matter where we live in the world.

Happy New Year! (Just another choice!)

~ Rus



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