Holiday Swing

The Holiday Season is in full force this winter. It is something many people love and enjoy. It is something that many people hate and detest.

Cause of cheers and beers, the holidays come on like a bull, demanding certain social rituals that really do not fit all.


The poor cannot participate. They just have their meals, or no meals, and just feel left out. They wonder why it is that in such a giving season, why is it that they are left behind. The santa myth is one they already had to dispel to their children.

It is also a season where all the religions fight over whose season it is anyway. They each want sole custody of the perfect holiday and celebration they teach in their own specific belief system.

Even with all the religious teachings of sharing and giving, it is the righteous that get downright mean and nasty this time of year when confronted with the diversity in celebratory ways of this season.

So many people are celebrating how much they can spend on their friends and family, hoping for the grandiose thank yous and gushing, blushing. Seeing this all over the world, really, as it is not one country that celebrates.

Each seasons is full of natures reality and purpose; to grow and recede, to warm and then cool, to provide food and then pause. Winter was when the food would appear thin until spring and even summer in most places, so the push was to harvest enough to get by during the dormant season. This harvest season remake is now popularly called Christmas. Today people of all faiths participate in a more shared way so that it includes more people.

Many of the former rituals used during this time got a remake, as in a ‘santa’, evergreen trees, giving, sharing, feeding, laughing and getting drunk.

One day the conglomerate of winter celebrations may merge in to something that is not so exclusive. Maybe it can be shifted so that people are not so desperately lonely, or hungry. It is a very strange mix that people blindly redo every year.

How does the rich cope, by watching “A Christmas Carol” and then go feast on cookies; moral lesson was included in the day.

~ Rus


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