To Fake or Not To Fake

So much chatter at the morning coffee with my friends about the “Fake News” pandemic we are having. I am not sure if I should get the vaccination or not.

They are livid as the news is barely news to begin with. Most stories can be told in one sentence Bill keeps repeating. And of course there goes, the 9-11 was fake. And how/who random personalities might also be fake (ie, clone).

Oh, faked elections, fake Russian hacking, and indecisiveness on which of the lesser evils running for president were more fake. The guys were on a roll.


Part of my mind wonders off thinking fake news is nothing new. Most gossip is fake news.

Partial discussions may as well be fake news. Telling your parents you got better grades in school than you did, fake.

We live in a world fully accepting “Fake”.

We now have fake boobs, fake penises, fake hair, fake bank accounts, fake art, lip sync; it is just part of life, is it not?

Some people revel in the fakeness, just for fun!

We have fake butter, fake foods, fake leaders, fake personalities, oh, and just so you know, Hollywood fakes alot!

What about that poker face, fake. Fake it till you make it.

I remember that time my family stopped at a motel for the night, sister and I raced to their large swimming pool. Getting there first I leaped in, damn, this water nearly ice it is so cold!  As I popped my head out of the water, shivering, looking for the closest ladder out, my sweet older sister standing cautiously at the edge asks me if the water was cold. “No, its fine”  was all I could say without my chattering teeth giving it away, Faked! Oh yea she jumped.

~ Rus


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