Found My Place

via Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

During my life I have moved way too much for anyone. Army brat who had to move every two years with my dad, then after college, my job required me to move to different locations. An expert at packing and having the most portable home goods, I just found home is where my heart is.


My home goods instantly change a strange dwelling in to my home, hanging my hat by the door, and family photos on the wall. The inside becomes naturally familiar, as the outside is now needing to be navigated, learned.

Photo: Home Is Where I Hang My Hat by Barbara White

Out of all the places I have lived, I would choose to live by a river or ocean side. No cities, but sweet small townships with a balance of the diversity of people.

I doubt I will slow down as I age. I am so accustomed to travel and making friends of strangers that the world becomes my home. My place is the world!

~ Rusmir Radic

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