Slow Boil

What a November… Lots happening; changes right and left. There was a gap in my posts due to travel and change.


November went so fast, I need to look backwards to put it all together.

Meeting unusual people and having the hard talks in a new way that surprised me.

I find that people are changing, slowly, and yet there is a seed in many that is sprouting.

On observation, it is like the child within us is winning. Winning freedom of expression and turning towards what they dream of doing, just short of doing it.

What does it take for that first step? What kind of carrot does one need to place in front of self in order to walk towards a dream?

It is more than courage, for that is but fuel, there seems to be some impetus that propels us blinding in to the unknown that is beyond just the fuel.

Those people I met, reflected back to me my own ability to look at my dream and yet really not put my hand out far enough to grab ahold. Something is bubbling inside, like a slow boil, just shy of rising up to begin.

~ Rus

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