To have and hold

A Community Chest volunteer was calling on a tough prospect. “Our financial report shows,” she said, “that you had an income of over $50,000 last year and made no contribution to the Community Chest.”

The prospect stared coldly back at the volunteer. “Does your financial report also show that my mother has an incurable disease that will cost thousands of dollars in operations and hospital care if she is to recover?”

“No, it doesn’t,” admitted the volunteer.

“Does it show that my brother was so badly wounded in the war that he refuses to return to America until certain plastic surgery can be completed and paid for?”

“No,” said the volunteer deeply moved. “How terrible to have one’s family so afflicted.”

“Does it show that my daughter’s husband faces ruin unless he can raise enough money to pay for the flood damage to his little shop?”

Young man who keeps bag full of money, bites girl's hand

“No, it doesn’t.” The embarrassed volunteer got up to leave. “I want you to know that we understand,” she faltered.

“I knew you would,” the prospect answered. “After all, if I am not giving any money to the, how can I justify contributing to the Community Chest?”

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